ARIES® patented design attracts ionising radioactive particles and traps them in the unique filter,
which eliminates them from your living areas, office, storage… in fact any space you wish to be radioactive-free.


and now for the first time ever, ARIES® is available to consumers.

ARIES (Airborne Radioactive Isotope Extraction System)

Beginning in the early 1940s when America first started its nuclear program dubbed as the Manhattan Project, globally over 2475 nuclear devices with a combined yield of over 540,749 Kilotons of radioactive material were tested and detonated. This has been dispersed over the entire globe, and has been further exacerbated by nuclear disasters such as Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island accident to name but a few.
The radiation levels are continuing to rise because Fukushima and Chernobyl are on-going and even if they were to cease today it will take over 300 years for these levels of Cesium 137 to be deemed safe, which equates to 11.76 generations.

There has been very little we can do to reduce the man-made radiation levels in the environment, but now, thanks to the ARIES device, we can reduce our individual exposure to it, from the environment of our home, office or place of work. It is an accumulative poison so minimising your exposure increases your chance of surviving or avoiding the affiliated effects of accumulative poisoning from radiation (cancer).

The ARIES device works by creating a magnetic vortex that utilises the magnetic moment properties of radioactive isotopes, and influences the particles into a capitulating filter that contains an independently tested radiation absorbing material, and in turn renders them inert by decomposing it without emitting harmful radiation, of any magnitude deemed to be quantifiably harmful to humans. The ARIES device is designed to remove air- born radioactive isotopes before they get into your lungs, or the food chain, the more you breathe the more you accumulate. Stop breathing you stop living, not an alternative you can live with


Ionizing radiation is radiation with enough energy so that during an interaction with an atom, it can remove tightly bound electrons from the orbit of an atom, causing the atom to become charged or ionized.

Specific forms of ionizing radiation:

Particulate radiation, consisting of atomic or subatomic particles (electrons, protons, etc.) which carry energy in the form of kinetic energy or mass in motion
Protons and other hydrogen nuclei stripped of their electrons, positively charged alpha particles (α), helium ions at high energy levels, HZE ions, which are nuclei heavier than helium, positively or negatively charged beta particles (β+ or β−) (the latter being more common), High-speed electrons that are not from the beta decay process, but others such as internal conversion and Auger effect, photons (called a gamma ray, γ, and acting in some ways like a particle.), neutrons, subatomic particles which have no charge.
The Aries device is designed to remove the parent material of this radiation, in other words the source of the radiation being that of the man-made radioactive isotopes, for example “Cesium 137 half-life 30 years , Strontium 90 half-life 28 years and are extremely carcinogenic.

The half-life of an isotope is not the full story and can be deceiving, this is why…

Let’s look at radioactive iodine 171, with a half-life of 8 days, as a rule of thumb it is accepted as safe after 10 half-lives, so after 80 days the danger has passed, or has it?
Well, in isolation it has, but in many cases we are not given the full story, and here it is, on the 11 March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster releasing radiation into the environment and continued to do so for some time, this we know to be a fact, so taking this into consideration, every day was an accumulation onto the days prior, therefor it is not safe to assume that the danger has passed after 80 days of the initial event, however in the advent that, Fukushima and or Chernobyl stops releasing radiation into the environment, then and only then we can consider that in 80 days’ time radioactive iodine 171 from them will no longer be hazards .
A vertical line indicates the accumulative amount present after 80 days or 10 Half-lives


It’s everywhere we live, work and play… it comes from our activities and technologies like nuclear power generation, mining, manufacturing, military equipment, bombs and weapons, medical treatments and x-rays, we generate more EVERY SINGLE DAY…

Typical ionizing subatomic particles from radioactivity include alpha particles, beta particles and neutrons. Almost all products of radioactive decay are ionizing because the energy of radioactive decay is typically far higher than that required to ionize. Other subatomic ionizing particles which occur naturally are muons, mesons, positrons, neutrons and other particles that constitute the secondary cosmic rays that are produced after primary cosmic rays interact with Earth’s atmosphere.[1][2] Cosmic rays are generated by stars and certain celestial events such as supernova explosions. Cosmic rays may also produce radioisotopes on Earth (for example, carbon-14), which in turn decay and produce ionizing radiation. Cosmic rays and the decay of radioactive isotopes are the primary sources of natural ionizing radiation on Earth referred to as background radiation. Ionizing radiation can also be generated artificially using X-ray tubes, particle accelerators, and any of the various methods that produce radioisotopes artificially.


lonizing radiation can change the structure of the cells, sometimes creating potentially harmful effects that are more likely to cause changes in tissue. These changes can interfere with cellular processes so cells might not be able to divide or they might divide too much.

Although radiation has the potential to damage structures inside a cell, the structure of most concern is DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). DNA contains the genetic information that allows each cell to function, grow, and reproduce. If DNA is damaged from radiation or some other agent (like toxic particles in smog), it has the capability to repair minor damage